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The Importance of Luck in the Journey to Costa Rica

I recently read an article about the importance of acknowledging the role of luck in our lives, and how this acknowledgment serves to build a more egalitarian society.  The reason why I bring up the topic of luck today is because I want to acknowledge the role that luck played in my coming to Costa Rica. There are many people who work hard all of their lives and still struggle, feeling like there are forces acting against them.  And there are those who are handed things down, or across tables, and who don’t show any signs of effort on their faces.

Then there are also those like me who grab at the chances that life hands us and follow these chances down the rabbit hole.  I don’t grab every single chance that comes my way, but when some feeling is stirring inside me, longing for adventure and excitement, I take the chances that present themselves in these moments, seemingly at random.  Who knows why these chances appear? What’s important is to take them when the moment feels right because we have no excuses to say yes or no when we don’t know how things will actually turn out and the outcome is largely up to “luck.”

For about two years now, I have been writing about real estate, news, and life in general in Costa Rica.  I have given the readers of my blogs a wide assortment of reasons for coming to Costa Rica and investing their money into property here.  I know why I did it and I know why many other people here do it, too. I’ll keep writing about these reasons for a while yet; but today, I want to acknowledge the roles of luck, chance, and acceptance in my journey and to say thank you to Costa Rica for welcoming me to live in her blessings.

My friend jokes that she and her walking group are witnessing an invasion of morphos this rainy season, seeing 10-12 electric blue butterflies every morning in the recent weeks.  I still feel like it’s a miracle every time I get to see one. I know that back in my city life in Canada, I wouldn’t have a daily cacophony of birds to wake me up, or the occasional monkey troupe to add a bit of baritone to the symphony.  There would be more cars and more concrete; less bees and less flowers.

I guess that I prefer life to be a bit softer and more natural.  And I think that I’m lucky to have this preference; otherwise I’d be elsewhere, never having taken the chance to live a little differently, and to learn to thrive in the wilderness.  I guess that we’re all lucky to live in a world where there is something for everyone, and we’re lucky to become the ones who find our something and grab hold of it when the time comes.

If you are feeling so lucky to hear the call of Costa Rica in your life, I recommend that you grab that chance and give it a good go.  It can be tough and it can be different, but difference is often what makes for that lucky feeling in our lives.

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