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Culture in Costa Rica: Part 3

In the last two weeks, we discussed the culture of Costa Rica in relation to the arts, and common beliefs. This week, we will touch upon the history of this region of the world, and how it affects the nation’s…

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Culture in Costa Rica: Part 2

Culture is the worldview that is shaped by our behavior, and projected in our behavior. All the things human-made, learned and transmitted is our culture. Language, especially, is a way to take in, and to give out, culture. We learn…

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Costa Rica: Tips for the Smart Investor

Foreign investment in Costa Rica is growing for four main economic reasons: No capital gains tax— any income you make on your Costa Rica investment is not taxed when you sell and move your money over the border Low property…

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Attractions in the Costa Ballena, Costa Rica

Many who visit Costa Rica are amazed on arrival to find that they know more Español than they previously thought. We hear many Spanish words in popular culture these days that reflect tropical culture, like playa, isla, or hermosa, and…

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